Book Review – Come Matter Here

Now anyone who knows me, knows I am an avid reader. I love to read and usually have a couple books going at the same time. I read almost any kind of book but I love me a true story, a book that tackles a sensitive subject, or even ones that are considered more self-help. When I get into a book I don’t want to stop reading it at times. Or sometimes I get into a book that takes me some time to read it because it hits home and I need to really think about what is being said by the author.

If someone recommends a book to me or someone recommends a book in a forum I follow i will at least go to the library and look it up to see if it is something I want to read. I am also an avid podcast listener which just happened over the last year or so. I had heard of the book Come Matter Here in passing a few times but about a month ago one of my favorite Podcast presenters mentioned it as something they were doing. Now I wish I could remember which podcast it was on but I can’t remember. I know who I think it was but I am not 100% on that so I don’t want to give credit to the wrong one. Instead I will just do a little review of the book instead. I do have to give props to the blogger who gave me this idea through a book review she did, on Girl Stop Apologizing which happens to be a favorite book of mine. Here is a link to her blog so you can read her review of that book if you want.

My goal for this year is to read at least 36 books, I am not at the point I should be to hit that goal but that is a different post entirely. Now to tell you what I think of the book Come Matter Here by Hannah Brencher. This book hits huge on the topic of depression, I am not talking about the depression many of us deal with that just makes us generally sad and not wanting to deal with life some days. She is talking about the depression that makes life unbearable, the depression that puts you in bed for days, the inability to function or do anything in your life.

This book while I wanted to read it from front cover to back cover in one day once I started is not one to do that with it. You need to walk away, you need to really let it all sink in, and you need to see and understand what she is saying through out the book. At the end of each chapter she has a Steal this Prayer for you, so I guess maybe if you are completely against God or prayer this book is not for you unless you are open to seeing where someone else is coming from.

One of the biggest take away’s from this book i we need to be in the here and now. We need to be where God put us. We need to be there fully and completely not just in the physical sense. We need to be there mind, body and soul. Reaching out for true connections. The depth and realness of our connections is worth so much more than how many connections we have. We need to share our stories with others at times. We all have a story whether it is a story of depression, addiction, self-harm, abuse, neglect, or one of happiness.

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In Chapter Eleven: Evacuate The Camp; she talks about the weeds in our lives, those are the lies we tell ourselves. The three sets of weeds or lies she talks about hit home with me as they are ones I tell myself. The first one “I have to be all the things”, yes I still struggle with this one. I am always trying to be all things and do all things for everyone around me. I am a people pleaser and there is no way around that. I am working (or at least attempting to) on that and trying to find ways to set up boundaries with the people I am always trying to please. I seem to be constantly trying to build something with someone but most things are only surface, I do not like to let people fully in. That is where the second one comes in “People Don’t stay” this hits home because I tend to keep others at arms length. So out of her book and something to remember for all of us “Stay hungry. Stay small. Stay here.” The third one “I’m Alone” now we all know at any time in our life we are not alone, most of us has someone whether family, friend, fellow Church member or God that we can reach out to. But many of us tend to feel alone in the big ol’ world.

Another chapter that I think really hits home is Chapter 10 “Be Here Now”, it is about being where you are at that moment. It is about seeing God in the here and now. Not about why you think He wasn’t there when you needed Him because He was through the people He brought into your life. While God does not answer all prayers and none of us can explain why He allows the suffering to happen outside of the fact things happen due to sin. I am not saying in anyway that anyone deserves what happens to them because 9 times out of 10 they do not deserve it, but God is always there watching, listening, and putting the people in our lives that we need and that need us. So just remember Be Here Now because you never know when the person next to you or a friend may need you and God wants you to help.

Now there is so much more to this book. I could write something on each chapter. but I won’t. I will leave it to you to go get the book and read it. There may chapters in this book that mean so much more to you than the ones I hit on. All I know is this is a book I will read again because I know there is no way to take it all in from one reading at least for me. I am trying to read more books on religion and on personal growth. I want to go deeper in my life and not just live on the surface as I have spent so many years doing.

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So if you want a book to read that just might make you think a little deeper. Explore a little more about you and the world around you. If you want a book that seems to speak to you then go out to your library, your local bookstore or go online and get your copy of Come Matter Here. My copy is going to be on the windowsill where my desk is so I can pick it up and read a chapter out of it when I want to or need to.

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