Pro-Choice Pro-Life`

This is probably one of the biggest debates around outside of all the political and pandemic debates going on right now. This is a debate that always seems to be there no matter what. Each side thinks their way of thinking is the only way there is. Many times people on either side do not want to really listen to what the other side is saying. I know I get a lot of flak for my belief on this debate.

Yes I am a Christian and yes I am Pro-Choice. I get all the time how can I say I am a Christian if I am Pro-Choice. I have been pro-choice for as long as I can remember and long before I considered myself a Christian. In all honesty there was a point in my life had I gotten pregnant I would have chosen abortion. Yes it was before I considered myself a Christian. But becoming a Christian has not changed my belief on a topic like being pro-choice or pro-life.

Pro-Choice is letting a woman have the say in what happens to her body. That means whether she chooses to have a baby, chooses to have an abortion or chooses to give that baby up for adoption. Now when it comes to the abortion side of it the idea of pro-choice is about informing a woman of what her options are. It is not about forcing the ideal of abortion or the ideal of having to have a baby. Pro-choice is about education, options, and compassion. Pro-choice does not mean that it is about killing a baby.

My thought process on being and supporting pro-choice comes out of who I am as a person. I truly feel I do not have the right to judge others when it comes to what they do with their bodies. I do not have the right to tell a woman or even a girl she has to carry a baby to term if she feels she cannot carry it. Now I am not talking about late term abortions those I do not support. I am talking early on abortions which is when many of them happen. I am talking about education of our youth. Yes talk to them about abstinence but also talk to them about safe sex. Talk to them about condoms, different types of birth control for girls, STD’s, and all the emotions that can easily go along with having sex and the possibility of having a baby. Pro-choice is about so much more that being pro-abortion.

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We are saying as society we should chose what someone else does. Many try to do in the name of God. Yes we can quote the Bible and say how wrong abortion is. And please go ahead and tell me how wrong I am for being pro-choice. You won’t change my mind on it but I am always willing to listen to others view point and why they feel that way as long as they are respectful about. Once you start being disrespectful or demanding that I have to feel the way you do I will walk away, I will ignore or I will just stare at you like you are a freaking idiot. As adults we all should be able to have civil discussions on hot topics. We should be able to respect how others feel. We should know that our beliefs, our thoughts and our feelings are not right for everyone.

Pro-life should be about so much more than anti-abortion. But that is the only thing most pro-life or even pro-choice talk about is abortion. Pro-lifers should be against anything that can or does take the life of another. A pro-lifer should not just pick and choose what they think is ok or what is wrong when it comes to the life of another. A religious person does not have the right to say that abortion should be wrong because the Bible says so, what if the person you are saying that to is a struggling Christian who is dealing with issues in their faith and you make them feel even worse. Or if they are atheist guess what they do not believe in the Bible so your words are most likely wasted.

The reason behind this post really I have no idea. I feel as a Christian I can share my thoughts, my ideas and my beliefs but I have to do it in a way that is not forcing it on someone else. I am supposed to show things in the image of God. God never forced his ideals on anyone. He left up to them to choose whether to follow, to believe in Him or if they were going to stay behind. But my post is not about my religious beliefs it is about letting people choose how they believe. So I guess either read my blog or don’t read my blog. You can tell me how wrong I am in my thoughts but I can promise you I won’t argue with you about it.

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