May 2020 Goals

Well I am not sure if April went fast for anyone else but it went pretty fast for me. I know for many people you are currently locked down in your house with very few people leaving. I am one of those essential workers who continue to go to the office every day which probably helps my days go faster. I do hope all of you are doing well and are able to at least get outside to enjoy the fresh air.

My April goals did not go the best. I did read 3 books but did not finish the one I really wanted to finish. I did start exercising and did exercise at least three days a week during the month and my eating habits were okay but could have been better. We did eat out four times which is way better than we normally do. So while I could have done better with my April Goals I at least did pretty good.

So what will my May Goals be you might be thinking? Well that is what I have been thinking about for a few days. I do not like to go into my goals without thinking about it because if I did then I would be setting myself up for failure. Plus I like to think about what I want to get done during the month.

Goal 1

Continue to exercise regularly but I want to get it to at least 5 times with 3 of those being a run each week. Exercising especially when I go running is my time. When I go running it is my way to get out of my head and just be free in essence. I do not have anyone asking me questions or wanting something. It is 30 or so minutes where I listen to music or a podcast and just go. I also want to continue to work on my eating healthier. In that for me also means I need to stop with the senseless drinking because that just adds calories and takes away from my exercising. My need for this comes from the weight I have allowed myself to gain from not taking care of my physical health lately. I used to be an avid runner and I want to get back to that. I miss the way running on a regular basis made me feel.

Goal 2

Lower my phone time for games and social media. This means I am going to be taking games off my phone. I plan on leaving two games on though, those would be my crossword and probably panda cube just because I have to have one mind numbing game. I have so many of those earn money games on my phone but I am going to take them off. They just take up so much time and space in my life. I am sure many of us can admit to spending way too much time on our phones. Heck we have access to so many games and apps out there it is crazy. It seems every day there is a new game showing up in advertisements and so many of them spout something about earning money to drag you in to the never-ending loop of playing a stupid game.

4 Ways to Download Games for Smart Phones - wikiHow

Goal 3

Work on my book at least three days a week. I have been trying to write a book and have been working on it but have been at a stale mate the last week or so. I know where I want it to go but right now I need to get it heading in that direction. A lot of that though comes down to me setting time to actually write. I let myself get side tracked on my phone doing nothing else. Plus I know I have continued to over extend myself in other ways too. I seem to always be signing up to learn something new or to start a new devotional or another book to read or whatever may come about at that time.

writing | The Exchange, Twickenham | Creativity, expression ...

Goal 4

Spend more intentional time with the family. This means getting outside especially with the weather being nicer there is no reason to not be outside teaching the youngest how to ride a bike, jumping on the trampoline or doing something to be active. Or heck even just sitting outside soaking up the rays while reading a book would be great. With school officially going to distance learning only I have to make sure the kids are getting in some kind of regular physical exercise. In the evenings playing card or board games something to get us away from the TV. This one along with my first goal are the two that are the most important to me to be totally honest. CounterArt 'Family Time' Glass Cutting Board, 15 x 12 ...

So there are my short four goals for this month. If you are one to set goals why not take advantage and share them with me on here or on your own blog post. But share those goals in some way. Hold yourself accountable with what you want to do with your time. Just remember a goal is just something to reach for and right now we all need something to reach for. As always thank you for reading my posts. Please feel free to like, comment and share away. Remember do some self-care as we all deserve a little me time and if you can get outside and enjoy the weather.

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