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I tried my hand at a few different direct sales companies over the last couple years. I have many friends who do very well in direct sales but I do not do well. I am not sure if it is just me and how I come across, my approach, where I live, my lack of close friends or what it is. But I still have a heart to achieve so much. I just know for me it is not in direct sales and I would say it is just something that I have come to face over the last four or so years of trying. But I do believe in the direct sales companies out there and what they have to offer.

Is Direct Sales A Good Fit? - guest post by Deb Bixler - Your Organizing  Business

One company I tried to do direct sales with was Avon. I tried that many years ago, like 8 years ago and failed at that. I contribute the fact that at the time there was Avon representatives all over my town. I can tell you I did not go real hard at it either. I do not think at that time I was dedicated to it. I was just looking for something to bring in extra money and was not invested in the company if I am honest with myself. I did not have any real guidance was just told to get booklets out in the community and reach out to family and friends.

I even tried to sale Mary Kay around the time I tried Avon, but not at the same time. I just couldn’t do it. I don’t know if it was how expensive I felt Mary Kay was at the time. Or maybe I wasn’t all about the products. I mean there were and still are a few Mary Kay products I love to use. My favorite product of theirs is Satin Hands… OMG my hands feel so soft when I use that product. But again it wasn’t one for me to get behind and sell it.

Pink Zebra is another company I tried to do and honestly the only reason I stopped doing it was due to lack of people to host parties. I still love and have a lot of Pink Zebra products in my house. Heck I would have the scents at my work if my building wasn’t fragrance free. I have a table in my house that has my pink zebra runner and scents sitting out on it. I have warmers through out my house that has scents going all the time. I loved the opportunity and the chance to do something. But I just could not get enough customers to make it worth trying to do things. I spent more money than I brought in.

Pink Zebra by Jane Thuss | Artwork Archive

I dabbled in Young Living Essential Oils. I love their cleaning products and their oils I can say that. But it is another one I was more about buying it for myself than really trying to sell it. I haven’t bought anything from them in a couple years but will probably try to get their cleaning products again because they do smell wonderful and clean amazingly without harsh chemicals. Do not ask me the difference between them and Doterra because I have no idea. I do love both of their oils and honestly cannot tell the difference as they seem to be about the same in my opinion.

Young Living Products | Young Living Essential Oils

I very temporarily was going to do Usborne books. I signed up for it but did nothing with it. So that was all on me. I also temporarily signed up for Origami Owl jewelry. I did not really do anything with either of those so it was all on me for the nose dive I had. I know I would have probably spent way more money on and my family then I would have gotten in return.

My last adventure in direct sales was fairly recently and it was It Works. While I met some awesome people who seem to do great at it I felt I needed a break from it in just a few months. I felt the business took over my Facebook page which is how I keep up with family and friends. I do not like having things public on my page and with It Works products you kind of need it to be public so others can find you and what you are doing. I like to be able to go without sharing or putting things on my page for days but you cannot do that when your business is all about getting yourself out there.

It Works! Global Reviews | Glassdoor

If you want to try direct sales I advise you to really think about it. Research the company you are looking at joining. Talk to people that you know who do other direct sales companies. Realize that if you talk to someone who is with the ones you are looking at they will tell you how easy it is and how the products sell themselves. I ask questions of what they have to do when it comes to selling and advertising, ask about if they have to do parties and the real time they put into that business. Ask about having to have stock in your house of the products. Ask them how the earning potential works and if they have levels for people in the business that affects that earning potential. Be real with what time commitment you can give it. Be real with how much you want to put yourself out there. Most importantly think about whether it is something you can do. I know I am too much of an introvert for it. I like to be me and not be out there feeling like I am trying to force something on someone else.

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