May 2021 Goals

I use to be one that was always setting goals and doing my best to complete them. But lately I have sucked at setting my goals and my lack of accomplishing anything shows it. There is no real good reason for not setting my goals I just have lacked any real motivation to do anything. My mind goes a mile a minute and is all over the place. I cannot seem to concentrate on doing things though. Each month I say I am going to get back on track and get my butt in gear. So with four months down in 2021 and nothing has happened in the last year it is time for me to figure out how to get myself back on track. Let me tell you what I want to get accomplished in May 2021.

Getting Back on Track - Lies Young Women BelieveLies Young Women Believe

First off I want to blog weekly. That blogging includes writing a minimum of ten minutes whether it is on my book or some other project. Everything I see or hear says that most writers spend at least ten minutes a day writing. The hard part for me is actively planning when I will write. Instead of setting aside that time I just make excuses for why I end up not writing. I love writing and would like to do so much with the ideas I have going on. I know that the chances of me becoming a well known author is slim but unless I truly try I will not ever know if I can make it.

Another goal is a two in one goal. I want to meal plan and eat at home more versus getting door dash or going to restaurant. I am wanting to eat healthier than I have been. I also want to get back to exercising which is why I need to meal plan more. I would like to either hit the gym or get out for walks four days a week. With the nice weather starting my dogs need to be getting out and about. I have gained a lot of weight lately and I need to get that under control. I want our kids to eat better and make better food choices. This meal planning will help with trying to teach our daughters how to cook and plan out meals.

Meal Planning 101 | Food & Nutrition | Stone Soup

We are working on implementing a few things in our house with one of them being getting the kids cleaning. Our kids are like so many out there and they seem to have difficulty with cleaning up their messes and it always seems that no one has made the messes or left things laying around. Then I get irritated and mad about how the house is all the time. I cannot seem to keep up with things either no matter what. I just want a good routine going in the house. I know that we need to get our house under control. It is not that our house is overly messy it is just cluttered and there always seems to be things laying around that should not be.

10 Reasons Why Household Chores Are Important | 1SpecialPlace

I want to spend less time on my phone and on less time on social media. I seem to live on my phone just playing games or mindlessly scrolling Facebook. If I was actually doing something important on Facebook it would be one thing but literally I am just liking posts or commenting on various posts. So I need to get myself on my phone so much. I have so many other things I could be doing in the evenings. I have to admit I do read at times on my phone but I have two different kindles that I could easily read on also. I just have to make sure it is not consuming so much of my time like I have been letting it. I have so many crochet projects going on that I need to get done.

Study: Phone Addiction is the New Drunk Driving

So while my goals are simple and small it is what I want to do for the month of May. I just know that I have to start small or I will end up failing in the end. I have to take it slow with getting myself back on board. As much as I would love to go all in and just push myself like I use to I cannot do that. The thing is I have pushed myself so hard in the past and I have been struggling so much lately to do the normal every day things. Many days after work I come home and maybe get dinner done. After that it is how fast can I get to the bedroom and curl up to do nothing. So it is with that in mind I have chosen to keep my goals for May simple so that way I am not stressing myself out.

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