COVID vs. Schools

We are quickly approaching the end of another school year and we all know this last year and half has been one for the books. Some day in the distant future this will be written about in our history books. Now I know a lot has happened and continues to happen. It seems like every day there is so much stuff that happens. But honestly I just want to touch base on something that may seem irrelevant to the masses.

But our kids, our students, went through a time we have never seen before. As parents it was something new for many of us. Many of us have relied on the public and private school systems to teach our kids and we had the comfort of knowing our kids were in good hands for about eight hours a day while we went off to work or whatever it was we did. Yes we would have homework to help with or some random school project but that was easy compared to trying to teach some crazy math problem, or do social studies or whatever it was that they needed to learn that day. Many of us were not ready to become teachers practically overnight.

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Many of us still had to go into work while trying to be a teacher also. Our teachers had it rough too as they had to change up lesson plans overnight. Those teachers now had to figure out how to teach many kids via zoom and guess what it is not as easy to keep kids focus when there is not the contact you are use to. Having to go to the schools to drop off one packet and grab another for the kids to do every two weeks was heartbreaking. The school officials were trying everything in their power to keep kids educated and even fed. For many kids school food was their only meals and those families did not know what they were going to do to substitute that food. Communities and the schools stepped up to make sure families had food coming in during those times too.

A learning process: Teachers adapt to first weeks of distance learning

For so many of our kids and our teachers they like that daily contact and being in the classroom. Yes some kids thrive and do just fine with that remote learning. As the school year approached many of wondered, even worried about how school would go this year. If you had the kids that struggled with not being in the classroom all you wanted was to hear your kids could be back in that classroom. That struggle could have been with learning or maybe it was a struggle of being isolated from friends and teachers. This could be because kids have special learning needs which I know negatively effected so many kids. This struggle also can come from kids who just learn better in that school setting. Thankfully our school district gave parents the choice either full remote or full in school learning. I was all over the in school option and that is what my kids wanted. They were over being home and away from their schools.

How to do remote learning, explained by teachers and students - Vox

With having kids in school I can tell you I have seen how it can effect them. One of my daughters who was in fifth grade last year struggled with that remote learning. Her struggle came because the work was not challenging enough and she really needs the social setting of school. Not sure what they call the testing in other areas but here it is called MAP testing. She use to score well above average but with taking her out of the classroom for those few months she dropped down to average which is perfectly fine. But you could see how it affected her for where she should be.

Research: New Fears Over Possible 'COVID Slide' | The 74

During this school year in many communities teachers were pushed to the max. They were running out of substitute teachers to fill in for sick teachers. All of a sudden principals, counselors, and office personal were becoming teachers. Everyone who works in a school deserves so much praise for all they did to keep schools open as much as possible. I cannot even imagine all the hats everyone had to wear on any given day. Remember as every thing wraps to give an extra thank you to all of them that had to adjust in these unusual times.

So as we quickly reach the end of another school year I am grateful that we live in an era where we had so many options available to our children. I have thought many times over the last year and half about how different things were many years ago when we did not have technology available. All I can say is if you had to continue remote learning this last year because of COVID I hope you can get the kids back in the classroom next year. I give you so much praise for the continued struggles you may have faced. Take this summer and enjoy it as much as possible. Remember that things will get back to some semblance of normal. Now whether that normal is what it was before spring break of 2020 or a new version of normal is to be seen.

Employee Appreciation Week - Douglas County School District

Just remember that those in charge are trying to do what they think and feel is best for all of our kids and the staff of their schools. Let us not judge because we don’t like their decisions as we do not always have all the information. Unless you think you can do better and know more than them, then you run and get in their positions and see how you can handle it. Remember that many decisions are not made lightly, they are not made at a drop of the hat without looking at every option possible.

I am so over people who act like their opinion is the only right one at and that their opinion is the only thing that is fact. If others do not take their research from the same one as those know it all’s then they are automatically wrong and reading fake news. There are many news sources out there and many of the things shared on the news sites go through the process of being vetted. So just because we do not agree with something does not make it fake. Let us all take what is out there with a grain of salt and support the people who are responsible for making a decision that is best for everyone and not just what an individual wants.

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