Parental Holidays

Well I meant to do a blog on Mothers Day and didn’t get it done. But today is already Fathers Day and while I think it would be a cool to do a post all about Fathers day I won’t because I didn’t do one for Mothers Day. Instead I am going to do one blog for both of them. I am not going to come on here and do all kinds of praises for moms and dads because guess what it is really just another thing for us to have to go buy crap for. I might just irrate some people or even offend them which really I am not trying to do. Its just we have so many holidays and we our birthdays. Why do we need another day to celebrate people. Heck we even have a step moms day and a step family day but not a step dads day at least not yet.

So Mothers day was created in 1908 by Anna Jarvis to celebrate all her mom had done for women and it became an official holiday in 1914. From doing some research on the holiday she wanted it to be more of a private thing to recognize mothers and for families to spend that time together but of course it became so commercialized it is unreal. It seems to me and maybe many others that Mothers Day now is all about seeing how much money can be spent. It seems it is no longer about being together and being thankful for having a woman who cares for you. It seems that this holiday was not really meant to celebrate your own mother but for mothers to gather together to help other mothers in need or those mothers struggling.

Fathers day originally started in 1908 not meant as a national holiday to be celebrated every year but done to commoraite men who died in a mining accident. It later was celebrated as a Washington State holiday in 1910 when Sonora Dodd wanted to recognize and honor her father who raised her and her 5 siblings alone after her mother died in child birth. It eventually became a regular holiday in 1966. Honestly there is so much mixed information on Fathers Day out there that is convaluted about the holiday itself.

So we also have stepmom and stepfamily days. Stepmom day is the day after Mothers day. As a stepmom I seriously do not need a day for it. My step kids have their moms who are involved and take care of them. I feel like I am just another person in their lives that care for them and is helping to raise them. I do not need praise for what I do. Step family is in September and is not an official holiday but was designed to celebrate the challenges a stepfamily can face. Hmmm… you know what every family faces challenges. Yes stepfamilies do face some different and more difficult challenges then the regular nuclear challenges. But this is something a person chooses when they decided to become part of blended family.

I have been a mom for over 25 years and a step mom for 3 and half years honestly I don’t need a day to celebrate these roles. It seems to me that while it is nice to have these roles recognized by my family and to have a day to be with my family it is so overly commercialized. I like the idea behind why Mothers day was originally created. I like the idea that it was meant to help other moms out. WE all know the struggle can be real being a parent and if we use a day to help out those that are struggling we can make a difference. I know there are times I struggle with being a mom and there are days when I don’t struggle. I hope all my mom friends know if they are struggling they can reach out to me and I will do what I can to help them out.

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I do think we need to honor our parents but I do not think it is something we need a holiday for. Come on if you have to have a holiday to tell you to honor or celebrate your mom, dad, stepmom, or stepdad then maybe you need to wake up. There are many people out there that have lost their parents and do not get the chance to celebrate them. So remember that we should celebrate our parents or any parental figures all the time. Tell them you love them. Tell them that you appreciate them. Tell them thank you for all the sacrifices they have done for you. Remember whether you are a mom, stepmom, foster mom, adopted mom, a dad, stepdad, foster dad, or an adopted dad you are amazing, you loved and should be honored all the time.

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So my hat is off to all those amazing parents out there doing their thing every day for their kids whether the kids are young or older. We all know parents love their kids every day not just on certain days. I love all my kids; my 4 bio kids: Michael, Paige, KaytLynn and Izabella and my 3 step kids: Jordan, Adrianna and Sidney.

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